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When the need arises to transport a bigger group of people, a car does not cut it, and the bus might be too much. This is where the minibus rental comes in. We will help you find a minibus for all your needs and make sure the driver will provide you with a safe and comfortable journey.

Our services provide people with clean and technically working minibuses. Our drivers are professionals with experience and they make sure that you and other passengers will reach the destination with comfort and without any stress or negative emotions.

It is common to pick a minibus rental for something other than transporting a bigger group of people. It could be a wedding, a meeting of important people or driving in the town, and trips for smaller groups of people. We can offer you a minibus for this occasion which will look luxurious as well as an attractive driver, and impeccable tidiness.


The rent of passenger minibus is useful because they allow for a bigger group of people, and if these people are traveling from different places you will not have to worry about the destination since a few different minibuses will pick up your friends or colleagues who need transportation. Meanwhile, renting a bus would take a longer amount of time which would cause difficulties for the people.

Rent of passenger minibus in Vilnius is quite popular since:

  • They can transport people from the airports;
  • They can transport people from and to the hotels;
  • They can be used for various trips and excursions;
  • They can be used to transport people from abroad.

High demand for the services makes us constantly improve. That is why only the best and modern minibuses which ensure the comfort can be found in our company. Forget the times when traveling in the minibus was a chore – it’s all in the past.

In Klaipėda, it is also popular to rent minibuses since the demand is almost as high as in the Vilnius. The reason is the harbor. It constantly has people who come and want to see the city. Everyone has different needs and sending a bus sometimes is not worth it. A minibus is often enough. Of course, all depends on the amount of people who require the service.

But it is not only a harbor in Klaipėda. Nearby, there is a Palanga airport who has quite a few flights. In cases of a bigger group of people coming back a minibus from Klaipėda is often a good choice. So by choosing our services you will be able to reach not only Klaipėda or Vilnius but also other cities of the Europe, it all depends on your choice.

We offer the rent of minibuses not only in Vilnius or Klaipėda but in other regions of the country. We organize trips to foreign countries, offer services of transporting passengers from or to the airports in Kaunas, Vilnius or Klaipėda, Palanga, Riga, Warsaw. We will also take care of safe transportation to a hotel or a conference room as well as trips for people who want to relax in nature or by the beach.

Our company makes sure that every client is important. This is why we guarantee the best possible experience by choosing our services. It doesn’t matter what the destination is or how many people are using our services – you are our client and we are your means of transportation!