Exploring the Bus Rental Services in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia for Companies

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In the dynamic landscape of corporate travel and event planning, companies are constantly seeking convenient and cost-effective transportation solutions. One such option gaining popularity in the Baltic region is bus rental services. This article delves into the benefits and convenience of coach rental in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, highlighting why it has become a preferred choice for businesses.

The Advantages of Bus Rental:

Cost-Effective Transportation:

Bus rental offers a cost-effective solution for companies organizing group travel, corporate events, or team-building activities. Compared to individual transportation arrangements, renting a bus allows companies to streamline costs and maximize their budget.

Efficient Group Travel:

When it comes to transporting large groups of employees or clients, buses provide an efficient mode of transportation. With ample seating capacity, everyone can travel together, fostering team cohesion and a sense of unity.

Customized Itineraries for Bus Rental:

Coach rental services offer flexibility in planning itineraries. Companies can customize routes and schedules based on their specific needs, ensuring that transportation aligns seamlessly with their event or corporate agenda.

Comfort and Amenities:

Modern buses come equipped with amenities to enhance passenger comfort during the journey. From Wi-Fi connectivity to air conditioning, companies can ensure that their employees or clients travel in style and comfort.

Professional Drivers:

Coach rental services provide experienced and professional drivers who are well-versed in navigating the local roads and ensuring the safety of passengers. This allows companies to focus on their business objectives without worrying about transportation logistics.

Bus Rental Environmental Considerations:

Opting for bus rental is a sustainable choice, especially when compared to individual car travel. By consolidating transportation into a single bus, companies contribute to reducing their carbon footprint, aligning with modern corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Choosing the Right Bus Rental Provider:

When considering bus rental services in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, it’s essential for companies to choose a reliable and reputable provider. Look for the following factors:

  • Fleet Quality: Ensure that the provider offers well-maintained and modern buses with the necessary amenities.
  • Safety Measures: Verify that the rental company prioritizes safety, including regular maintenance, driver training, and adherence to safety regulations.
  • Customer Reviews: Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the satisfaction levels of previous clients.
  • Transparent Pricing: Choose a provider with transparent pricing, with no hidden fees.


Bus rental services in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia provide a convenient and efficient transportation solution for companies. By embracing the advantages of group travel, cost-effectiveness, and customizable itineraries, businesses can elevate their corporate events and ensure a seamless transportation experience for employees and clients alike. When choosing a coach hire provider, prioritizing safety, comfort, and transparency will contribute to a successful and stress-free journey.

Plan Your Group Travel

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Transportation – One of Most Important Parts of Planning Your Group Travel

If you ever experienced being the assigned planner for a group travel with your family, friends, or classmates, you surely know how much time is required to organize everything.
Out of the different aspects of a group travel, transportation is among the most important things you should pay attention to. When you travel with a large group, commuting to and from your destination can be a serious hassle. This is where a private coach hire company can make everything easier and more convenient for you.
A confirmed arrangement with a reliable coach company can give you the assurance that your trip will have a smooth flow, with everyone in high spirits from beginning to end.
Here are the other benefits of working with a private coach hire company as your mode of transportation for your next group travel.

Enough Space for Everyone

A coach hire is most useful when there are kids, or the group needs excellent accommodation during your trip. Taking separate cars may make you worry about several vehicles individually. Each car will also need supervision. There is also a need to wait for the other car. If you have a really big group, you can book a coach hire that can accommodate everyone. This eliminates any anxiety and the entire tour will become more pleasant.

An Economic Option

A private coach hire is an economical proposition which helps you save on the costs of transport and the entire tour itself. Travelling in cars will be more expensive compared to traveling in a bus during your group trip. This applies when you want to visit different destinations or go from one stop to another.

It Makes Things Easier

For bigger groups, it is far easier to travel by coach compared to going by train or car. You wouldn’t worry about assigning a driver, who will ride in what car, if there is enough space for everyone’s luggage, or if someone gets lost. A coach hire eliminates all these problems right away.
When you travel as a single group, there will be no need to fight over who sits where since everyone gets a comfortable seat and talk during the trip. Everyone can enjoy watching the sceneries, this leading to the next benefit.

Everything is Far More Comfortable

Without a doubt, coaches, are among the most comfortable means of transportation today. Modern coaches come with a lot of perks that you cannot simply find in an average car, bus, or train. Many of these are equipped with individually adjustable AC. This means that you only have to cater to your own needs and not to someone else’s. Considering how modern coaches these days are made, there is more space for everyone to stretch out to enjoy maximum comfort. Coaches also have enough space for storing your luggage to keep them safe out the way.
The next time you are designated to plan your group travel, be wise in choosing your means of transportation. Work with a private coach hire company to make everything a breeze!

Travel to Baltic States in Winter Time By Private Coach

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Why Winter is Perfect Time for Travelling to Baltic States by Private Coach?

Baltic States still echo with the memories of Medieval Guilds, which rampages Teutonic Knights and turbulent history of partitions and conquests. Since independence from the previous Soviet Union over 2 decades ago, their medieval, tangled old town streets, church spires, and cobbled stone squares have been spruced up. However, the capitals have embraced the west in various ways.
Tallinn was known as the party capital of the year while Vilnius became a statue of Frank Zappa, an avant-garde musician. But, whether you travel to Baltic States during winter time to know more about an ancient history, lively nightlife, or fabulous architecture, such places will surely give you a thrilling and most enjoyable experience. However, for you to make most of your travel to Baltic States, it would be a good idea to travel by private coach, especially during winter time. A private coach is much better than considering public transportation.

The Perks of Travelling to Baltic States by Coach During Winter Time

No matter where you want to visit first in Baltic States, private coach travel is now a famous option to travel. There are countless of reasons behind that and these include the following:

Enjoy Lower Rates for Private Coach Hire

If you think winter season isn’t a good time to travel in Baltic States, it is actually the opposite. The reason behind it is that you can enjoy lower rates for private coach hire. This only means that you will be able to save some of your budget, which you can use on other things like buying some products that you will only find in Baltic States. So, say goodbye to your financial worries when travelling to Baltic States during winter time because private coach hire is available at cheaper rates than usual.

You Can Book a Private Coach Easily

The peak season in Baltic States is summer. It means that winter time will give you an opportunity to book a private coach easily and without experiencing any hassles. It is because during summer, most private coach companies have their buses fully booked and you might find it hard to find a coach to make most of your travel experience.

Lesser Crowds

During winter time, you can enjoy most of the attractions in Baltic States for the reason that there is lesser crowd compared to summer time. With this in mind, it makes easier for you to travel from one place to another with a private coach. You do not even have to waste your time standing in queues or parking space. That is why you will be able to visit more places during winter time and you can save more time, which you can use to enjoy other things to do in Baltic States.

Comfort at Its Finest

Without a doubt, travelling by coach is more comfortable compared to some forms of transport, especially the likes of trains and buses. A private coach is air conditioned, well-maintained, and spacious, which means you’ll always enjoy your journey in a comfortable and relaxing environment.
There are other perks of travelling on a private coach when going to Baltic States during winter time. If you want to reap those amazing benefits and make most of your vacation, consider private coach services during your travel.

Travelling by coach

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Why Do Some People Travelling By Coach?

Have you ever wondered why some people travel only by coaches? Buses are a viable means of transportation and a lot of people enjoy travelling by coach for the reason that they can explore more and enjoy various views. But, there are other reasons why you should take a coach for your journey:

Buses Are Much Cheaper

Say anything you like about buses, yet still, group travel by bus is more inexpensive compared to airfare. There are some airlines that would try to lure you in with affordable deals, yet once you add the involved fees, they’ll charge for airport taxes, checked baggage, extra legroom, and so on, which will end you up on cashing out. With buses, everything is different because what you see is what you get.

Free Wi-Fi and Power Outlets

Some bus carriers these days provide free Wi-Fi for the trip, enabling the passengers to use the time they spend traveling through getting important job done or catching up on the newest release on Netflix. There are also some power outlets that will keep your gadgets charged. You can also enjoy extra legroom and cushioned seats.

Forget about Missing Baggage

If you take airplane, you’ll be forced to hand over the suitcases that contain some of your belongings to complete strangers. You will also have to pay for particular fees for checked baggage. Aside from that, your bags do not arrive with you. However, if you are travelling by coach, you do not need to worry about this. Typically, you’re right there when drivers place your suitcase in a baggage space.

Affordable Ride

Whether you are a backpacker, a tourist or someone who just want to explore new places, you will be glad to know that buses are not as expensive as other means of transportation. In fact, you can save a lot of money once you take a bus when traveling from one place to another. So, if you are searching for an affordable ride while providing you the best riding experience, taking coaches is never a bad idea.

Enjoy More Places to Visit

Bus travel is perfect for those who want adventure. There are numerous towns or places with national parks and rich history that are waiting to be discovered and you cannot get to most of such things by plane. On contrary, a bus will haul you directly to your preferred destination and more.

Therefore, do not hesitate travelling by coach. If you need some advise, you can always contact our team. We are here to help you to choose the best mode of transport.

Bus rent for Travelling to Europe and Baltic States

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Why you should consider bus rent for travelling to Europe and Baltic States?

Bus travel is becoming a hot trend all over again as more and more people start to see its benefits. In fact, there are so many exciting advantages that you get to enjoy with a bus rent or coach hire service, some of which might actually surprise you! Here are the top reasons why you should consider travelling to Europe and Baltic States by coach.

Bus Travel is Inexpensive

With petrol’s prices continuously skyrocketing day by day, driving your own vehicle seems less appealing. Coach hire is also much cheaper compared to riding the train, not to mention that it takes you directly to your destination so you can save on your taxi fare to and from the station.

Explore the Beauty of Europe and Baltic States

When you are in Europe and Baltic States, you will see and witness the extensive array of natural, cultural, and historical beauty. From the trips around the city to other less traveled paths, and to the different events held around the area, there is surely something to satisfy everyone and fulfill their heart’s desires.

Best Means of Green Transport

A bus rent lets you travel free of guilt and with a cleaner conscience. This is basically because coaches are considered as among the greenest means of transport. Moving a group of people around in just one vehicle is associated with various benefits when it comes to lower emissions for every passenger and reduced use of fossil fuel. Aside from that, breaks and trips around Europe are much better for the entire planet compared to overseas alternatives that often require longer travel.

Reduced Levels of Stress

Say goodbye to struggling to understand what the road map says. Coach hire lets you have your own expert and experienced chauffeur who knows what they are doing and where they are going. Instead of bothering with driving, spend the travel time socializing with your peers and make things more enjoyable and memorable.

Bus rent – Guaranteed Safety

Statistics have revealed that travelling in a coach is safer compared to travelling by car. Your professional coach driver is familiar with the roads and knows them all by heart to ensure that you will be safely transported in an efficient door to door service.

Ultimate Comfort

Air-conditioned, spacious, and modern coaches are the best way to travel. These coaches have been maintained to the highest standards and equipped with comfortable seats to let you relax in style.

Plan Your Own Schedule

A chauffeured bus rent can help you plan and customize the trip any way you want instead of having to keep up with the schedules of public transport. Instead of spending time trying to plan the day around specific times, you can just set the times when you want your driver to pick you up and drop you off. With this, you can make your trip customized according to what your group wants and ensure that you can do and see everything you like.

When looking for the best coach hire for your travel to Europe and Baltic States, Norlenda is the name you can trust to make you enjoy all these benefits and more!

Tips to order Cost-effective Luxury Coach hire and Bus Services

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Tips for coach hire and minibus rent

When looking for coach or minibus, you want to settle for the most comfortable yet pocket-friendly option available. Coach hire is actually an easy task as long as you take the time to fully understand your needs first. Why? Because it will guarantee your valuable and good one experience. Due to numerous competing companies that offer bus rental services, the process of picking a service to cater to your needs can be a tedious and challenging one.
You may be tempted to settle for bus travel companies that claim to offer the ‘best deal’. However choosing a cheap coach hire service can have debilitating consequences not just for your travel experience but for your schedule and itinerary as well. As such, when picking the bus rental service, it is important to be choosy and picky. It is all because you ultimately only want to pay bus rent for great services and special amenities. Here are tips to help you hire cost-effective luxury coach and bus services:

Check for years of experience in coach hire industry

Business experience is extremely important in as far as coach hire services go. Experience will not only help you to determine that the coach hire service is reliable and dependable, but it will also inform you about the reputation of the service provider.

Licenses and permits

Legal licenses and permits not only prove that the bus rental service is legally permitted to operate in the area, but it also speaks to the coach hire company’s willingness to look out for the welfare of the passengers.

The cost of hiring coach services

Before you hire any coach service, you must ensure that the rates are in line with your budgetary restrictions. The best bus rental service should be able to provide you the best kind of service for a price that is reasonable to you. Make sure that you get a full understanding of all the costs associated with hiring a company because you do not want any unexpected charges to arise later on.

Consider your luggage

If you are traveling with a lot of luggage, you should hire a coach that can accommodate and handle your entire luggage. You should keep in mind that although smaller coaches tend to be cheaper, they may not necessarily have storage space for large amounts of luggage.


Consider the size of the bus or coach that you need. If you are traveling with 10 to 20 people, then a larger minibus can be more suitable and appropriate if you do not want to spend large amounts on a luxury bus.

What makes traveling by bus the best option?

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No matter if you are planning a trip or vacation, you will need to consider transportation options you have. According to many experienced travelers, even though many people prefer cars, it seems that buses come with much more advantages. In case you are wondering why someone should choose reliable bus transportation service like the one offered by NORLENDA, we will highlight some of these advantages.

An affordable option

The fact is that buses were used for many years, but in the end of the 20th century, their popularity declined. What is interesting is that after this small decline the popularity of using buses for any purpose has increased again. One of the main reasons for that is their affordability. If we compare them to rent-a-car services or even to using our own car, we will see that the price of the tickets is sometimes up to two times lower. There is no doubt that you will need extra money no matter where you are going.

Special bus tours

If you are visiting a foreign country as a tourist, you will definitely want to check all the interesting attractions and landmarks. Using any other transportation means is expensive and in some cases these means can’t reach the desired destination. By using group tours, you will be able to visit any place you want. On top of that, your trip will be fun and comfortable.


To be honest, traffic accidents happen all the time. However, if we take a close look at the figures, you will notice that accidents that involve buses are very rare. With a good company that has professional and experienced drivers, you can rest assured that you are perfectly safe during the journey.


If you use a reliable company with high-quality buses in its fleet, you can expect comfortable ride. Some people believe that using an airplane is comfortable, but we should not forget that the space in planes is very limited and sometimes you can’t even adjust your seat. If you decide to use a bus, you will feel much more comfortable. Most coach journey providers have coaches with buffets, clean restrooms, TVs and DVDs and many other things that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.


Those who are traveling with a bus always know where their luggage is located. It is usually right under their seat because when you travel with a bus your luggage goes with you. In other words, the possibility to lose your luggage is minimal.

Different travel plans

People can use buses for different reasons, so they can easily incorporate their use in their travel plans. For instance, some people can use them for airport transfer while others prefer corporate coach hire. In addition, most companies have group tours and even private coach hire options in their offer.

If you are looking for a professional bus charter company providing all these services in Lithuania, check NORLENDA.

Minibus rental guide

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If you’re planning to travel with over 4 people, employing a minibus is actually a good pick. Renting a minibus isn’t a simple job. You don’t have to be concerned about anything when moving with a minibus. When you employ a minibus and especially if you happen to choose to drive it upon your own, remember to collect a few particulars about the bus from the business. Choosing a mini bus hire is often less expensive than the price of selecting a taxi for a couple hours. It is best to chat up with a person on the bus this can help you stay informed. The more recent luxury tour buses and company coaches constructed in the last ten years are state of the art in regards to comfort, amenities and dependability.


In case you are opting for rental property company, you reap profits by your minute handling of the marketplace, area, people and possible tenants. With this kind of a demand, limousine rental companies don’t have another option except to buck up on their expert services. They are eager to rent out cars they are not using. Depending on your requirement you’ll be able to compare few limo rental businesses and pick a cost effect limo solution for yourself.

When selecting van, be sure you think of what you want the van for. If you’re permitted to drive the van, make sure that we have no surcharges connected with the age relaxation. The vital value vans provide for business is they are for a wide range of purposes. The key role vans play for business is an issue of fact.


Should you be opting for a vacation or are planning for holidaying in a location around Vilnius, you need to hire charter bus. It’s always essential to think about where you will stay while on vacation. For many of us, our vacation is the time where we relax, where we reside in a different type of dreamy planet, even if it’s for only a few of weeks annually. A vacation is always the ideal time to bond by means of your family. Since most vacations and company trips have tight schedules, it has turned into a necessity to lease a car than to constantly await a taxi. Then it’s advisable to consider tent rentals. Quality minibus rental gives the ideal vehicle, and service you always have the option to rely on!

It is easy to rent cars from car rental services, but there are particular things that you ought to remember whenever you’re renting a car abroad. Rent only when you are in NEED of a car. For those who have rented the vehicle, the contract has to be produced, and just the authorized driver may redeem the vehicle. You don’t wish to have to be worried about if everything will fit in your vehicle or if your vehicle will break down. It is wise to load your vehicle, take it to the ferry and drive away when you get to the other side. Below given is the few forms of cars with few standard details, that you may elect for your objective. Some rental cars include totally free GPS systems so you don’t need to stop and request directions each time you head out to somewhere unfamiliar.

You can readily transport people in 1 trip in the place where they ought to go.  If your trip is short then this might not be a problem, but if you’re talking about a couple of hours and you’ve got young children (or elderly people) this could end up being an issue. If you too are arranging a trip, and are searching for a charter bus supplier, you know the best place to look for a reputed one. Whether it’s a business trip or a leisure travel, you’re assured the most effective cellular phone rental for the quantity of time you will need. Number of men and women It’s vital to determine how lots of people will be enjoying the ride.


You are likely considering taxi solutions, but they could often be rather costly. A standard; proper rental service will deal with all your safety concerns. Choosing a limousine service involves lots of things to think about. Bus rental services are thought to be absolutely the most viable choice for a group tour. Selecting a charter bus service is always a great choice if you are arranging a ride with several friends or associates.


Regardless of what kind of event it’s, Limo service is there to offer you joyful ride. Chauffeur providers offer luxury, but more to the point, they give convenience and stress-free transfers. Vilnius car service may even offer armored vehicles.