Airport transfer

Airport transfer systems have become far more popular over the last few years, and with the help of our team you can rely on us to come and pick you up from either Vilnius or Kaunas Airports. This makes getting to and from the main hubs of Lithuanian transport easier than ever before, ensuring that you can go for a nice relaxing rest on our excellent, comfortable buses which can be the perfect solution to your requirements.


Corporate Coach Hire

Corporate coach hire is a vital part of the modern world, and at NORLENDA we provide an easy and effective coach hire service that can get you and your team moving for a fair price. Everything we offer about our service has been delivered to ensure that the highest possible standards of excellence are delivered at all times. To do this, we guarantee that the quality and strength of our vehicles matches up with what you need as a team of professionals. This works perfectly with both smalls groups on corporate trips or even larger teams who need to take a full corporate selection from one place to another all in one piece.


Group tours

With a group of experienced drivers that you can trust, you will get to see the very best features of what Lithuania has to offer in terms of its fantastic, stunning landscape. This will help you make the most of the tour whilst you are here. We work alongside various different tourist groups and companies, ensuring that you can have the transport quality and precision that you need. All of our journeys are luxurious, fun, and pleasant to be a part of. So, if you want to enjoy the unique sights and sounds of Lithuania, try out NORLENDA.


Private coach hire

Do you need to hire a private coach to get from A to B? If you do, then we are the experts that you can rely upon. “NORLENDA” has always provided a specialized private coach hire service fit for any purpose. From corporate travel to giving people the help they need to day trip coach hire. We will guarantee that you have no issues whatsoever in making sure you can reach your destination without any problems. We provide vehicles which are fully suitable for your needs, regardless of what they may be.